"David Brunner's music is lyrical, fresh-sounding and always creative.  His music is a favorite with the choir as well as the audience!"

Lynne Gackle
School of Music
Baylor University

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A Great Day at Vandercook College of Music

I spent the day Wednesday, July 6th, in the historic Mies van der Rohe buildings of the Vandercook College of Music in Chicago with graduate choral conducting students of Lisa Fredenburg -- a terrific group of talented, experienced teachers.  We explored the metrical challenges of my O AULA NOBILIS and I was privileged to hear and interact with the chorale on my I AM IN NEED OF MUSIC.  It was great to also see -- if only briefly -- my old friend and fine cellist David Eccles.


Orlando, June 12, 2016

Though away from home for the month of May, I returned in June for twelve uninterrupted days of work on two commissioned pieces.  The morning of June 12th changed everything in Orlando.  The Pulse tragedy brought the city to a stunned silence and utter sense of loss.  In addition to the acute awareness of violence against the LGBTQ community, there was also a real feeling of community, however, of everyone reaching beyond lables and separateness to a true feeling of everyone belonging to everyone else.  Something new and good.


Helena Debuts

Helena, the new professional women's vocal ensemble in Orlando, had its debut at the Accidental Music Festival, at the Timucua Arts Foundation "White House" today. Brava to its founding members Sarah Purser, Samantha Barnes Daniel, Sara Barnes, Kristin Eley, Anna Eschbach and Lizzy Hunter! Beautiful singing of a program that included music by Gwyneth Walker, Abbie Betinis and my ALL IS WAS DOING WAS BREATHING. Most of these women were choral students of mine at the University of Central Florida, as was the cello soloist, RC Sanchez.  An amazing debut by this new group.  Watch out for them!


A Day in the Smokies

Just home from the Smoky Mountain Music Festival in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where I was priviledged to adjudicate with Angie Batey from the University of Tennessee and Kirby Shaw, a legend whom I had never met. A short, but fun, time and a big ol' breakfast at Crockett's 1875 restuarant.  Excellent grits and biscuit and a griddle cake larger than it ever should be.


2.5 Days. 68 Choirs.

I'm just home late last night from Kansas City where I heard, adjudicated, and worked with sixty eight choirs and their directors from Missouri and neighboring states.  Lisa Fredenburg, Sandra Howard and Robert Lawrence were inspiring colleagues for the weekend. Some beautiful singing in the midwest!